Letter from Chair to Bollin Parents/Carers 5th October 2018

Letter from the Chair of the Board of Trustees to parents and carers of children at Bollin School on 5th October 2018

Letter from Chair to Bollin Parents/Carers 5th October 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to school after a hot summer! For those who are new to Bollin, I’m Jamie Whyte and I’m the Chair of the Inspiring Learners Trust Board. Bollin, along with Tyntesfield Primary School in Sale, is part of our Trust. Hopefully everyone has seen the new signage around the school and agree that it looks good and helps to establish a positive identify for the school. I think, along with the new uniform, this has really made a positive difference to the school environment.

I wanted to write to you with an update about what’s been happening in the trust.

Firstly, we’ve made a couple of appointments to the trust which we’re very excited about. Mrs Spark wrote to you all a couple of weeks ago about appointing Natanya O’Hara as Head of School. I’d like to echo what Mrs Spark said - we’re very excited for her to start in January, and having interviewed Mrs O’Hara, I know she’ll do fantastically at Bollin, working closely alongside Mrs Spark. It’ll also be great to have a full senior leadership team across both the schools in the trust, so we can really start to see the benefits of collaboration.

Our second appointment is Jill Usher, our new finance director, and she joins with a huge amount of experience managing finances in the private sector. Multi-academy trust finances are very different to school finances, and this will give us confidence that we are compliant with the rules that we are bound by, as well as making the most of any opportunities that are presented to us.

We’re really pleased that our website is now up and running:http://www.inspiringlearners.co.uk. We’ve got a blog there, profiles of Trustees, and all our policies and other documents, so please do keep an eye on it to stay up to date with news about the trust.

Our new joint local governing body is now in place, and consists of parents, staff, and community governors from both Tyntesfield and Bollin Schools, some from Tyntesfield’s previous governing body, and some new people. This new body have met a couple of times to establish their vision for how they’ll work. I joined for the end of one of the meetings, and there was a real buzz as everyone got involved in shaping their plans for the future.

We have an exciting future ahead as we work together to ensure the very best education for the children across both schools, and I am looking forward to working with the staff and governors at each school.


Jamie Whyte

Chair - Inspiring Learners Multi-Academy Trust